Siculina, Sicily’s mythical daughter, and Sicilian people’s mascot, is synonymous of the mischievousand almost spiteful sense of belonging as a Sicilian, animated and loving as it may be… It winks and then runs off as if it aims at creating a sense of mistery around the spontaneously born ancient set of events.

     Siculina comes from a place very far away, it comes from a mix of cultures and civilizations that belong to the first inhabitants of this island, dating back to a million years ago. In truth, it all goes back to five thousand years ago at least, but given time and space limitations, we’ll only refer to those “Siculi” (Sicilians) who spread out in Easten Sicily before the ancient Greeks. Hence, we mould Siculina as a generous mascot, in order to use it as a mean for discovering  the magnificence of all that surrounds us here, of the positive and the negative events and history around Sicily up to current days, and in order to feed our imagination.

     Of course, all is based on the assumption that the local population and all parties involved must preserve and respect the nature around, as well as everything else we’ve inherited, for all that is destroyed can’t often be created again. 

Nadia Sacoor



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